What People Are Saying

About Comeuppance Served Cold.

“…Full of stylish moments and taut conversations where witticisms fly but care must be taken over every single word, this is a novel that carries itself with a wink and a nod but is actually deadly serious.”
Locus Magazine

“… Deeds presents all this intrigue in reverse chronological order, spinning out mysteries that will keep readers guessing till the end. The result is a well-crafted puzzle; readers’ only complaint will be that they want more. “
Publishers Weekly, starred review of Comeuppance Served Cold

“…Deeds masterfully crafts the atmosphere of the historic 1920s from the language and tone to her descriptions in Comeuppance Served Cold. The setting comes alive and asserts itself as a dominant force in the narrative. This, combined with the novella’s structure, increases the tension until the very last chapter.”
Grimdark Magazine

“A beautifully constructed magical heist in turn-of-the-century Seattle”
Mary Robinette Kowal, author of THE LADY ASTRONAUT series

About Copper Road:

“This much anticipated sequel to Aluminum Leaves has it all: adventure, romance, magic, mind-controlling parasites, corporate intrigue, heroic horses, charms, and, not least, chocolate.”
Goodreads Review (Donna)

About Aluminum Leaves.

“Aluminum Leaves is a fast paced adventure that gives you just what you need to understand the world, the magic, and to begin to know these characters while moving breathlessly to the finish line.”
Amazon Reviewer (Garrett)