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Worded Out

This isn’t about writer’s block. I may compose a post on writer’s block someday, because it’s an interesting topic. Personally, I think it is a term used to cover a variety of states. This post isn’t about that. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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And Now a Brief Update

Today I will give Comeuppance Served Cold one more read-through before sending it back to my editor. This round of edits came after two authenticity reads, one for my Black American characters and one for the visually impaired character. With … Continue reading

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The Shook-Up Generation

I laughed when I saw this book on the table in Brandy’s store. I mean, that cover! So period! Brandy’s Crest paperback copy will cost you more than thirty-five cents, sorry. In some ways a perfect cover, showing young toughs … Continue reading

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Debris currently airs on NBC on Monday nights. I usually catch up with on On Demand. It’s got a science fiction premise, and it’s a nice one. An extraterrestrial spacecraft drifted into our system, to orbit around earth (kind of … Continue reading

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ConTinual Panel

Here’s a link to the second Con-Tinual Panel I participated in. I was more relaxed this time, and it shows!

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Bodies in Motion

In Dashiell Hammett’s detective novel The Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade goes to the hotel room of Caspar Gutman. Gutman is trying to persuade Spade to acquire the fabled falcon statuette for him. It’s an important scene, because we finally get … Continue reading

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