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The Hugos, 2015, Chapter Two: The Slate Mailer Saga

I live in California, where individuals and interest groups can create laws through a “direct democracy” process. They can get an initiative on the ballot and it’s voted on by the people. This means that, come election time, I am … Continue reading

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The Hugos, 2015; Chapter One

The Hugo Awards, conferred by the World Science Fiction Convention (aka WorldCon), are even more controversial this year than they were last year, and the odds are that they will be controversial next year too. Basically, a small but motivated … Continue reading

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Benicia; the Scavenger Hunt

Last Saturday I went to Benicia, mainly just to window shop and walk around. Before I left I checked my e-mail and discovered that Main Street Benicia was offering an Art Scavenger Hunt. This is, simply, a fun, brilliant idea. … Continue reading

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The Muir Tea Room; It Feeds the Spirit

The beautiful yard caught my eye first, and then I looked up at the lovely white Victorian cottage that houses The Muir Tea Room. This building, located at 330 South Main Street, two buildings south of the Post Office, used … Continue reading

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Jane Eyre’s Sisters by Jody Gentian Bower; A New Model for the Woman’s Journey

Jane Eyre’s Sisters, by Jody Gentian Bower, takes a look at the old Hero’s Journey as delineated by William Campbell and analyzes it as a model for literature about women (and women’s own experiences). It’s no surprise to me that … Continue reading

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