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More Fun With Comments

I haven’t complained about spam comments much recently but I just have to share some today.  They are hilarious.  Basically, one percent (1%) of the comments I’ve received over the life of the blog have been real comments by people … Continue reading

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Badly Bound Books (A Screed)

On his blog Fiction is So Overrated, Chad Hull recently posted an essay on well-made books—the physical book. He was evaluating  Easton Press. He discussed the merits of hand-sewn signatures rather than glued-in pages, the importance of low-acid papers and other things … Continue reading

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350 Gardens: Week 6; Baby Squash! (UPDATE)

Restating the disclaimer. THIS IS NOT MY GARDEN. They have squash starting!  And the tomato plants are spangled with flowers.  Definitely progress, although I am still worrried that the squash plants will start crowding out the tomatoes. This garden inspired … Continue reading

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Summer Belongs to Goofy Dogs

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A Lavender Sea

This time of year I can go to a festival of some kind every week.  Let’s see if I can name five without thinking too hard: Jazz Festival, Garden Festival, Fisherman’s Festival, Mustard Festival (in a neighboring county, but still,) … Continue reading

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Cousins for Life?

No time off for good behavior?

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350 Gardens: Week Five

I think I’m seeing a design flaw in the garden.  Both the tomatoes and squash are growing great.  Squash get huge leaves and one of the beneficial things they do is provide shade, holding in valuable moisture.  That’s the up-side.  … Continue reading

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Jonah Hex

Well, my one burning question is answered.  Jonah Hex is steampunk, sort of.  Jonah has two mini, semi-automatic Gatling guns mounted on his horse’s harness (apparently no cranking required).  The villain, General Turnbull, builds a secret weapon, a “nation killer” … Continue reading

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Flip a Coin

In 2008, the Church of Latter Day Saints, the Catholic Church and an American Baptist Church (I don’t know which one) descended on California and spent millions of dollars to withhold the right of marriage (and I meant “right,” not … Continue reading

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3 Books in 30 Minutes

I don’t like how my comments on books have been going lately.  They’re too long and I don’t seem to have much to say.  To jump-start myself I gave myself a writing challenge:  A ten-minute capsule review.  Here are three … Continue reading

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