350 Gardens: Week 6; Baby Squash! (UPDATE)

Restating the disclaimer.


They have squash starting!  And the tomato plants are spangled with flowers.  Definitely progress, although I am still worrried that the squash plants will start crowding out the tomatoes.

This garden inspired me to pick up a couple of tomato plants.  I have never had good luck with them, partly because of a largely shady back yard.  The plants I got were on sale (as in “Priced to Move Before They Die”) from a local nursery.  I paid $4.50 for three.  One sits in a new ceramic pot in the front yard, that gets more light, one is in a pot on the  bak deck and one is in the ground next to the potatoes.  They all look pretty pathetic.  I had to resist the temptation to buy a lush, dark-leaved plant at the farmers’ market yesterday.  I’ll give the three burnt and half-dead plants a try.  If I get a tomato, it will be a triumph, and if I don’t, well, they were cheap.

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