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Four Eyed Frog

On Sunday, November 10, I did a book event in Gualala, at the Four-Eyed Frog. I sold one book, and three supportive friends drove down from Mendocino to hang out. Otherwise attendance was not good. It was still a fun … Continue reading

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Day Four: The Exiles Return

Day Four: Tuesday, around 10:00 am, after Liam thoroughly trounced me at Pokemon, we headed home. Traffic was light. The sky was pinkish-copper and my throat and nostrils itched with the smoke as soon as I went outside. We drove … Continue reading

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Day 2/Day 3: The Things We Carried

Day Two, Sunday: David and Tracey Jackson made room for us in their household, which includes a ten-year-old, a seven-year old and a dog, with no muss and no fuss. At least, that’s how Tracey made it look. A longtime … Continue reading

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Day 1 and Day 2; Feeling Like a Refugee

Day One: Saturday. We heard we were under an Evacuation Warning. The fire was 40 miles northeast of us but there was fear it would jump the freeway as it did in 2017. We were anticipating a serious “wind event,” … Continue reading

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Richard Powers

Richard Powers, Pulitzer Prize wining author of The Overstory, spoke at Petaluma Copperfield’s, in conversation with Cheryl, the store’s book buyer. I can throw around the usual words about Powers, like, genius. I think I’ll let his own words do … Continue reading

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Reviews of The Wand That Rocks the Cradle

Fanlit posted two reviews of the fantasy anthology The Wand That Rocks the Cradle. Kelly and Bill are excellent reviewers, with different areas of focus. I think the two reviewers give potential readers good perspective. Enjoy!

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Book Sightings Near You!

This week I will have some copies of Aluminum Leaves on consignment with the Sebastopol Copperfields. I’ve reached out to the Gallery Bookstore in Mendocino to see if they want more. They are the one bookstore who has actually ordered … Continue reading

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Batwoman: Great Cheekbones Might Not Be Enough

Let me start by saying, I love Batman and most of Batman’s sidekicks. I like Batman better than Superman, partly because he is a regular human guy, and partly because at heart he is a traumatized child and most of … Continue reading

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Second Snippet of The New Prophet

Here’s a bit more of the desert story: The plant men wore their bright green armor and their black face masks and carried short staffs that spat lightning. They lined up the workers, the elders, the young ones who hadn’t … Continue reading

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A Snippet

Here is the opening of short story I wrote at our writers retreat in September. This story came from two writing prompts. One was given to us by Marta, but the other one had stuck in my head earlier in … Continue reading

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