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The Last Jedi. I Yawned.

Spoiler Warning. Somewhere sort of near the end of The last Jedi, a group of rust-bucket desert speeders face off against a bushel of First Order war-machines; fliers, walkers, storm troopers, plus a big old thing called a battering ram … Continue reading

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This is my original work. You are welcome to link to it. If you quote from it, give me credit. Commentary:  I think I do achieve the illusion of a non-human main character in this fantasy story. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Eating My Way Through FOGCon

Part of the pleasure of a speculative fiction convention, along with panels and readings, is sitting down with longtime friends and new ones in a bar, a cafe or a restaurant. My title makes it sound like I was a … Continue reading

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Magic; Who Gets to Wield It?

Magic can stand in for a lot of things. It can symbolize trickery and deceit. It can represent art, healing, spectacle; it can be about loss, sacrifice, family and love. In epic fantasy, nearly always, the question about who has … Continue reading

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The Working Rehearsal

Spouse and I listened went to the Sebastopol Library to hear the Santa Rosa Young People’s Chamber Orchestra.  The email notice I got called this event a Dress Rehearsal, but it wasn’t that, as least not by every definition I … Continue reading

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Running in Slow Motion; A Writing Exercise.

My husband and I have this thing we do sometimes where we run toward each other in fake slow motion* –true, silly, very, very dreadfully silly we have been and are, but why will you say that this is bad? … Continue reading

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Magical Systems

I had a great conversation with Brandy this week about magical systems. It got me thinking. I’ve loved fantasy since I can remember. I loved fairy tales as a child, particularly ones where girls went alone into a dark wood … Continue reading

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Annihilation the Movie; That One Scene

Warning; Spoilers probably. This isn’t a complete review, so here’s a link to the cast and crew, if you’re interested. I saw the movie Annihilation. I liked it, and I think I will be in the minority. There were five … Continue reading

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Auburn in Winter

I named this “Auburn in Winter” but it is mostly about Nevada City, where, last week, Sharon and I spent a day window shopping and taking pictures. If you are headed for Reno or the snow, and need a stopover, … Continue reading

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Do Second Hand Bookstores Help Writers?

“Used bookstores don’t help writers.” I bristled when I saw this remark on Twitter. Fortunately this was one of those rare times when, before I fired off a response, I looked around a little, and realized that this stark statement … Continue reading

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