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Morbius: A Review

I could watch Morbius for $3.99. The price was about right. I don’t know the character from the comic books, but I’d seen a few articles and reviews so I knew that a doctor turned into a super-vampire. Michael Morbius … Continue reading

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Today I have invented a new word: worldsetting. (I can’t prove I invented it, but it didn’t turn up in a Google search so I am taking credit.) I invented it to solve a problem I’ve had for a while … Continue reading

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The Sitting Room

The Sitting Room is a national treasure tucked away in a modest tract home in a rural part of Sonoma County. This library/archive/meeting space devoted to literary works by women had a birthday celebration on June 4, which included an … Continue reading

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Pride Month is Here

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Golden Rifts is Out!

Golden Rifts, Book Three in the Copper Road series, is out in the world! Erin, Trevian and their allies from the Copper Coalition explore the mysterious abandoned complex at Orchard Hill and uncover dangerous secrets. Loyalties are tested and paranoia … Continue reading

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Making Mocktails; Everything but the Soda

Saturday’s mocktails were made “from a mix,” anathema to mixologists everywhere, but it wasn’t bought in a store. It didn’t sit in a bottle on a shelf for days or weeks. I mixed it myself the day before the book … Continue reading

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Book Party Recap!

The May 14th book party was wonderful! People had so many options that glorious Saturday; to go to parks or the ocean, have a picnic, or show up to demonstrate for women’s rights, as many, many people did just one … Continue reading

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Timing Isn’t Everything, But It’s a Lot

When I’m having difficulty with something in a work in progress, I get hyper-aware of that issue in any book I’m reading. I’m not talking about big overarching issues like character motivations or plot weaknesses (although, yes, those too). Right … Continue reading

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Launch Party!

On Saturday, May 14, at 1:30, Second Chances Used Books in Sebastopol is hosting a launch party for Comeuppance Served Cold! The store will have copies of the book for sale and I will be ready and eager to sign … Continue reading

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COMEUPPANCE Gets a Thumbs-Up Regional Review

Washington state’s Cascadia Daily News included Comeuppance Served Cold in a roundup of new paperbacks set in their home state. I’m in some intriguing company, and the reviewer clearly enjoyed the book. Here it is.

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