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Short Story: Invasive Species

This is my original fiction. You have my permission to link to it. If you want to use any part or all of it, give me credit. * Speed Limit: 25 mph Your Speed:  32 Your Speed: 34 Your Speed: … Continue reading

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The 13th Doctor; The new, New Doctor Who

I’m jazzed about the new incarnation – er, regeneration – of the Doctor in BBC’s long running fantasy show Doctor Who. Jodie Whitaker is a great actor and it’ll be nice to have a female Doctor for a while.  I’m … Continue reading

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Normalizing Prosthetics: The Rise of the Hackmods

(Hackmods, you say? What the heck are those? Well, hang on. I’ll get to it.) My friend M had one leg amputated last year. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail. While removing the leg was the … Continue reading

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Will: Shakespeare in a 1970s-1580s London

TNT has a new show on Monday nights at 9:00 pm, called Will. It’s allegedly about young William Shakespeare coming to crazy London in the 1580s to make his way as a playwright. The show conjures up a time shrouded … Continue reading

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In Search of Irene Adler

Warning: Spoilers for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story “A Scandal in Bohemia.” Last Sunday BBC America ran a Sherlock marathon. Even though the character Benedict Cumberbatch portrays is not Sherlock Holmes, I sometimes like the show, mostly for the banter … Continue reading

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The Infamous “Brief Description”

“Please include no more than 10 pages of your work, pt 12 font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, and a separate cover page with a brief description of your work.” Those are words than make emerging writers shudder.  Not the manuscript … Continue reading

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Writing is Rewriting; Revision

If I have a strength as a writer, it’s as a rewriter. Revision is often where the “real” writing is, for me; where I’m able to see the opportunities to deepen the characters, to make the world around them more … Continue reading

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I’m on a Train! I’m on a Train!

“Ladies and gentlemen, this train will be departing in two minutes, on our way to the Marin County Civic Center.” I know my non-California friends are thinking, “Wow, a commuter train. Walk on the wild side, Marion, take a muni … Continue reading

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The Geographer’s Library; Half Delight, Half Disappointment, and Still I Recommend It

Jon Fasman published The Geographer’s Library in 2005. Fasman now is the editor on the Asian desk at the magazine The Economist. He spent several years in Russia and neighboring countries; when it comes to the east, it’s probably fair … Continue reading

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Protected by Unicorns

This is a silly little story that isn’t very strong. I didn’t spend too much time on it, but I had fun writing it. Brian’s Comics in Petaluma was the inspiration, because of it’s location and unusual floor space. (I’m … Continue reading

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