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The Mission District Murals

We climbed the path out of the underworld and emerged into a place of light, color, the smell of food, and music. (Okay, it wasn’t really the underworld, it was BART, but allow me some literary license.) This was the … Continue reading

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Ridership Up

My youthful,cheerful Lyft driver lives in Sebastopol, and is a Bernie supporter, although he’s nice about it. I swore an oath before I left the house that I was going to request the day be an oasis from politics; my … Continue reading

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Borderlands Books Now Carries Aluminum Leaves

San Francisco’s premiere speculative fiction bookstore and awesome champion of local writers is now carrying Aluminum Leaves! I am chuffed. The store is a great venue for writing events, with friendly, highly knowledgeable staff. They will be moving in May/June … Continue reading

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Juliette Wade at Borderlands Books

Juliette Wade’s debut novel, Mazes of Power, came out last week. On Saturday, February 8, she read from it and answered questions at Borderlands Books in San Francisco. Juliette was interviewed by friend and fellow writer Deborah Ross, who is … Continue reading

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The Vacant Spots on Main Street

To my dismay, the wonderful kitchen and home furnishing store on North Main Street, Cultivate Home, is closing. The reason is sad; not finances, but the health of the owner. I went in on Thursday and already, with the discounts, … Continue reading

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40 Copies

It’s a good thing my first actual published book is skinny, so I can fit 40 copies on one shelf. I plan for some of these to move into the world. First of all, thanks to the wonderful SF bookstore, … Continue reading

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How Do Characters Come to Life?

I always say that my stories start with a character and a question, and that’s true. I always have an imaginary person in mind when I start. Often I feel like I know them very well. Sometimes it takes the … Continue reading

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In Which Marion Does a Bad Thing

I did a bad thing, and I still feel the effects of it hours later. I hope I bounce back, but this may have traumatized me for life. (Trigger warning for icky sexual material.) You know how in horror movies … Continue reading

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Cons I’ll be Attending in 2020

So far, there are at least 2 conventions in my immediate future. I will be at FOGCon in Walnut Creek, Ca, March 6-8, 2020. More importantly, I think, Aluminum Leaves will also be there, courtesy of Borderlands Books, who will … Continue reading

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Dublin Murders: Lose the Damn Wolf

Dublin Murders, the latest adaptation from Starz, disappoints. It’s based on two Tana French novels, In the Woods and The Likeness. The premise is that two deeply troubled Dublin Garda cops, both outsiders, are partnered and solve murders, only see … Continue reading

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