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The Case of the Missing Em-Dash

This month my writers group commented on a substantive revision of a short story they’d seen earlier. I composed much of the revision on my little laptop, an Aeus two-in-one. I like that device a lot, but sometimes the keyboard is … Continue reading

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Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson

WARNING! SPOILERS! Book One of the saga of Malazan, Book of the Fallen is Gardens of the Moon. Erikson’s epic fantasy currently spans 11 volumes, and I don’t think a single one of them is fewer than 650 pages. I’m … Continue reading

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The Role of the Broker

Over at Fanlit, we frequently do giveaways. Most review sites do this. Often we work with publishers to give away new books, which the publishers like because it juices up the buzz about the book. This means working with publicists … Continue reading

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The Night Manager on AMC

AMC adapted John LeCarre’s novel The Night Manager into a six-hour miniseries. It airs on Tuesday nights at 10:00.  I am commenting on it now having seen four of the six hours, but unlike shows I’ve seen on other networks … Continue reading

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There’s been a lot of internet talk lately about whitewashing. In this context, it means taking a character, story, trope or hero from a culture and recasting it as a white character or a white story. Here is a definition … Continue reading

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The Blind Tattooist

(This is original fiction. You are welcome to link to it. If you quote it or cite it, give me credit. Marion) Science fiction and fantasy writer Chuck Wendig hosts the occasional flash fiction festival on his blog Terrible Minds. Wendig … Continue reading

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I’m Not Angry, I’m Just Disappointed… Actually, I’m Angry Too

Early in 2015, a random comment one of us at Fantasy Literature made in an e-mail conversation sparked a serious discussion about awards, and specifically the Hugos. Did we want to win awards? Generally, yes. Awards usually mean that people … Continue reading

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