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Small Plates

Brian Fies once used the term “tapas” for a blog post that contained a number of unrelated topics. I’m stealing the idea. Please enjoy a sample of tidbits today. We put a helicopter on Mars, and it flies! I’m reading … Continue reading

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The Way We Live Now #16: Full Immunity

Today is the day my one-and-done J&J jab reaches peak immunity. I don’t feel any different, but I’m happy about it. J&J is having some trouble because of the rare clotting effect. While I am not in the age group, … Continue reading

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The announcement of my Prohibition era fantasy novel Comeuppance Served Cold is up today! I’m humbled and excited; so grateful to Tor editor Ruoxi Chen, who was a champion of this story from the beginning, and Emily Goldman, who … Continue reading

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Crowds, Mobs and Battle Scenes

On a recent writing panel, one of the other participants talked about the difficulty writing a particular battle scene in a series novel. He said it surprised him, because, he thought, “all he had to do” was look at a … Continue reading

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Angelby on AMC+

Xfinity On Demand offers, under the AMC+ menu heading, a “sampler” of shows from the Sundance Channel and a “horror” channel called Shudder. Shudder has expanded horror to include paranormal and supernatural shows that aren’t particularly scary, like AMC’s A … Continue reading

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The Way We Live Now #15: Before and After Vaccination

Before vaccination, I: Washed my hand with soap and hot water several times a day. Wore a mask outside. Ordered take out. Completed two writing projects. Wore two masks if I would be indoors around people, like the grocery store. … Continue reading

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Inclusive Pronouns

I read the Murderbot stories by Martha Wells. They’re narrated in the first person by a Security Unit (SecUnit). Spouse read Murderbot. I “heard” the voice of SecUnit as female. Spouse “heard” it as male. I read John Scalzi’s Lock … Continue reading

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Signed Copies!

You can buy your very own signed copy of Copper Road at the following bookstores: Borderlands Books, San Francisco, CA.Four-Eyed Frog Books, Gualala, CA You can also find copies at Copperfields Books, Sebastopol, CA.And Second Chances Used Books, Sebastopol, CA.

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Lady Guinevere’s Revenge

Lucy Blue is a fellow Falstaff writer. Since I’m working on a project set in the Jazz Era, I thought a 1920s romance might be fun to check out, and sure enough, she had one. Guinevere’s Revenge is a mystery … Continue reading

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A writing friend who went to high school with Spouse let me know that carries Copper Road. In fact, he ordered a copy from them. Oh, look; here’s the link!

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