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How Many Pizza Places Does One Town Need?

In the building next to the Post Office, in front of the laundromat, in my home town, a pizza restaurant has gone in. It’s gone an unusual name: Hippizzazz. I think this is meant to be a mash-up of “Hippie,” … Continue reading

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Summerlong: My Personal Reaction to a Work of Great Beauty that Ultimately Failed

SPOILERS     SPOILERS    SPOILERS     SPOILERS     SPOILERS     SPOILERS When I heard that Peter Beagle had written a fantasy novel about an older couple whose lives intersect with ancient gods, set in the Puget Sound area, my expectations were very high. I was … Continue reading

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The Battle for the Wand

“You have to write something for the blog. It’s been seven days. You were doing to post twice a week, remember? Can’t you honor any commitments?” It hasn’t been a week, I thought. It’s been four days. I’m still within … Continue reading

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Daredevil; Nelson V Murdock

I’ve been watching the Netflix version of Daredevil, Season One, On Demand, and I have to admit I haven’t been liking it much. I’m still watching, though, and one reason is because of Episode 10, Nelson V Murdock. I don’t … Continue reading

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The Name’s Barnes. James Barnes.

Last week at my writing appointment with Brandy I slipped and called The Project “the book.” I hastened to correct myself, but Brandy, who is observant and has fast reflexes, was onto me before I should slither out of it. … Continue reading

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The Expanse Season Two; A Stellar Preimiere–or is it Extra-Stellar?

The Expanse opened Season Two last Wednesday night with a double episode that ran for one hour, forty- five minutes with limited commercial breaks. I confess that I was fretting, the same way I fretted over the opening of The … Continue reading

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