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I Can’t See My Church From Here

I can see my house from here. That’s what I thought when my secretary brought in the map to the lunch event I was covering for my boss. I said, “If someone had told the Mary Agatha Furth Center was … Continue reading

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Hair of Glendale

Kim Kardashian plans to run for mayor of Glendale, California. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Who’s Kim Kardashian?” That’s because you have a life and don’t watch so-called reality TV. Well, here’s everything I know, or think I … Continue reading

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The Tudor Secret

I found The Tudor Secret on the remainder table at my local independent bookstore. After a little research I have decided that it might have also been released under the title The Secret Lion, since the description of that book … Continue reading

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The Troupe, by Robert Jackson Bennett

My review of Robert Jackson Bennett’s dark fantasy The Troupe is up on Fantasyliterature. Bennett has an original voice and different vision of American fantasy. Recommended.

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Alchemist of Souls

My review of Anne Lyle’s Alchemist of Souls went up on a few weeks ago. The site also posted my interview with Lyle. Here’s the link to the review. The book has some interesting concepts for a traditional epic … Continue reading

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A Trace of Smoke

A Trace of Smoke is a period mystery by Rebecca Cantrell. Hannah Vogel, the main character, is a reporter in 1930s Berlin, watching the Nazi party come into power. Hannah’s situation is precarious on a number of fronts.  She has … Continue reading

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Let Us Now Praise Women Fiddlers

  The Carolina Chocolate Drops played at the Mystic Theater on Easter Sunday. The band plays roots music; 1920s black blues, jug band and string band music, jigs, reels, and Scottish airs.  Rhiannon Giddens and Dom Flemons are the founding … Continue reading

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Egg Basket of the World

  Meet the Vickies: Petaluma is famous for its restored Victorian homes.  These pictures aren’t even of the glories – those are on D Street. This is in the neighborhood of Keller and B Streets. Two of the houses are … Continue reading

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Brass Testicles

I ordered a book, an omnibus edition of a trilogy, to review for Fantasy Literature. The omnibus title was The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles, written by Andy Remic. I ordered the book by mistake; thinking it was another book. When I … Continue reading

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