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Cloak and Dagger on Free Form

The riches of the Marvel Comic universe lie spread out like the ruins of a subaquatic treasure city, and the latest network to go salvaging there is FreeForm, (formerly ABCFamily), with its late-teen fantasy drama Cloak and Dagger. The best … Continue reading

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Do Not Give This Woman Your Money

I stumbled on the Anna March story over at Twitter, where people were tweeting about her and writers who might have been victimized by her. It caught my attention because I have agents on my mind now and one Twitter … Continue reading

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Cooks Easy, Looks Fancy, Eats Healthy; a Trifecta Recipe

I cooked halibut in parchment paper the other night for dinner. This recipe is genuinely close to a thirty-minute meal; it lets you use fresh vegetables you can find at the farmers market (and it’s healthy); it cooks easily but … Continue reading

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Weasel Pictures

I’m busy with revisions for writing projects, so here are some photos of California long-tailed weasels. Hope you enjoy them. These are my original photos. If you copy them, give me a photo credit.

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Educated by Tara Westover

I thought Tara Westover’s memoir Educated would be the uplifting story of a plucky backwoods home-schooled girl who got a PhD in history from Cambridge. That story is in there, but Educated is more about a woman who clawed her … Continue reading

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Update on a Writing Project

I got edits and rewrite requests back from one editor the day before yesterday. She’s so smooth. She’s got that classic good editor thing going on. It goes like this, “I love this! It’s really good, just what I wanted. … Continue reading

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Naming Conventions; What They Are, What They Signal

I was thinking about fantasy naming conventions this morning because I just finished a second-world fantasy that didn’t have one. One group of people had a certain style of name. (Mostly the writer stuck a random letter Y into various … Continue reading

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Westworld; I’m Swiping Left

I watched the entire first season of HBO’S Westworld, plus the second season opener, just to give it a thorough chance. This show is not for me. It’s not only not for me, I don’t see why the fans who … Continue reading

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