Update on a Writing Project

I got edits and rewrite requests back from one editor the day before yesterday. She’s so smooth. She’s got that classic good editor thing going on. It goes like this, “I love this! It’s really good, just what I wanted. I have a few small changes to suggest…” and then you open the document and it’s like WHAAAAAAAAAA….

Not really. In her email she made two suggestions. I can do both of them easily and pretty quickly if I decide they serve the story. And, to be honest, I haven’t opened the document yet because I’m working on another longer project that I wanted to get to the ending of, and I didn’t want to split my focus just yet. I have reached the ending of the that project– I did it today, on what I would call a zero draft of a rewrite. It gets my attention for the rest of this week. Then I will tackle the revisions.

The editor asked if I could have the changes done by August 11. She was giving me a month. My first reaction was “EEEE! No! Not possible!  What do you want from me!” And once I got past that and calmed down, I decided a month was pretty reasonable… of course, I haven’t looked at her line-by-line edits yet. I may go back to screaming… or at least send her an email that I need an extension.

This must be what established writers do all the time.

Anyway, that’s my report.

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