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Me Signing Aluminum Leaves at Second Chances Used Books
My first official book-signing event, at Second Chances Used Books, Sebastopol, CA

A conventional storyteller in an experimental world.
Watcher of crows, lover of chocolate.

Works by Marion Deeds:

Comeuppance Served Cold, from Tordotcom Books

Copper Road, from Falstaff Books
Aluminum Leaves, from Falstaff Books
Golden Rifts, from Falstaff Books.

Short fiction has appeared in Podcastle, Flash Fiction Online and the Noyo River Review. Check out my Amazon Author page for anthologized works.

Contact me:
On Facebook.
And I’m on Twitter, @mariond_d.

Read my reviews and column at Fantasy Literature. (While you’re there, read all the reviews. We have a great bunch of reviewers!)

7 Responses to About Me

  1. David Walton says:


    I’ve been meaning to tell you that I appreciated your review of Superposition on Fantasy Literature. Of course, reviews that do nothing but rave are nice to read, but your article was thoughtful about both the positive and negative. You pointed out that almost nothing is mentioned about the jury in the trial scenes, and you are of course right! Where were you when I was doing the early drafts? 🙂 Then I saw your comment on my “Big Idea” article on John Scalzi’s blog, and I laughed, because I knew what you thought was missing, and why–because *I* was on the jury.

    Best wishes,

  2. Marion says:

    David, thanks! I wanted to keep the reference spoiler-free for folks who haven’t read it yet.

    Looking forward to Book Two.

  3. Karin Uphoff says:

    Marion – i loved your “Strays” story about shoes, published in flashfictiononline.com – i can relate to this fantasy of animated self-driven clothing! Thank you for your excellent examples of writing in this genre. You must be nearly a neighbor . . . in Northern California (i too have attended the excellent Mendocino Writer’s Conference).

  4. Marion says:

    Thank you, Karin!

  5. Arleen Allen says:

    Just read “Comeuppance served Cold” and loved it! Found this page looking for more work written by you. Thank you for a riveting, satisfying read!

    Crows, ravens and cats…all worth watching.

  6. Marion says:

    Thank you, Arleen! I’m glad you enjoyed Comeuppance! You might like my Copper Road series, which is published by Falstaff Books. They’re available on Amazon, and the third and final book is due out late spring/early summer. Very different setting and tone, but a lot of the same themes at work.

  7. R says:

    Today I finished Aluminum Leaves, after picking up a copy at Atomacon. The story was enjoyable and I’m looking forward to picking up the rest soon.

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