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The Informationist

I bought The Informationist at Darvil’s Bookstore in Eastsound, Washington, on Orcas Island. It’s interesting that the city of Salinas, California, with a population of 150,000, can’t support a bookstore, but the island, whose year-round population is probably about 5,000, … Continue reading

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Checking In

Well, I see I’ve let time get by me and haven’t posted anything lately.  In a few hours, or maybe  tomorrow, I plan to have some comments up about a book called The Informationist, an engrossing  if slightly derivative thriller … Continue reading

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“Art and Story: Powers Combined”

Reina Telgemeier and Dave Roman spoke at the Charles M Schulz museum today. Roman is the author and illustrator of Astronaut Academy; Zero Gravity. Telgemeier is the Eisner-award winning creator of the graphic novel Smile. The two cartoonists were born … Continue reading

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Being Human is Being Boring

Right now the best show on Syfy is Lost Girl, a sexy, smart and quirky import from Canada. In fact, in content and tone it reminds me of another sexy, smart and quirky import that used to show on Syfy, … Continue reading

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Breaking Point

“Hi. Here’s my business card. I’m not a copper — I did used to be but I got struck off for drug abuse. I’m really a scientist; no, really, I am. I study genetics. As you might remember, you donated … Continue reading

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