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Hem: Half Acre

No reason, really. I just think the song is beautiful.

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Some Books

The Great Sequestration let us all get caught up on our reading, right? In my case, I often couldn’t concentrate to read, a situation I’ve never faced before. That issue has faded lately. I thought I’d share a few I’ve … Continue reading

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The Way We Live Now #5

A man hurried toward me as I came out of the market. He touched his hip pocket, got a chagrined look on his face, and ran back to his truck, where the woman in the passenger seat handed him a … Continue reading

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Book Two is On Its Way

Yesterday, June 12, I sent off Copper Road, the sequel to “Aluminum Leaves” to my publisher. Here’s a snippet to send it out on: Aideen had visited smoke rifts and emberbeds since she’d been a child. She knew about their … Continue reading

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With the Fire On High

With the Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo is not the kind of YA book I normally read. It’s general fiction, not SF or fantasy. There is magic in it, but it is part of main character’s life and culture, … Continue reading

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Briarpatch From Page to Screen

Ross Thomas published his southwestern detective novel Briarpatch in 1984. His protagonist, Benjamin “Pickle” Dill (kids stopped calling him “Pickle” in the 4th grade after he beat up a bunch of them) returns to his New Mexico hometown to investigate … Continue reading

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White Silk Pajamas

Late last week I was pulling some clothes out of my closet to add to the growing things-I’ll-give-to-the-thrift-store-someday-when-I-can-again pile and I came across the pair of white silk women’s pajamas on a hanger near the back. I say white, but … Continue reading

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