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As American as Apple Pie

White terrorism is as American as apple pie. Apple pie is an icon of the USA. So is white terrorism. I’m white, I’m in my sixties, I’m female. I was raised solidly lower middle class. (A middle class still existed … Continue reading

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Latest Book Update

Saturday, January 16, I got the proofread version of Copper Road to review and approve. You remember that my editor had been very sick. I was pleased to get the pages because it showed me she was getting better. Plus, … Continue reading

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The Way We Live Now: #11

I walked to the neighborhood deli and back Sunday morning. Even though it’s January, it was about 70 degrees, clear and blue. The crows were squawking merrily, and people were out in their yards, taking advantage of the day. A … Continue reading

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And now, a Brief Update

I completed a second draft of Book Three in the Copper Road series. My writers workshop will take a look at it next month, which will give me about a month to revise again and submit it to my publisher … Continue reading

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Urban Crow Oracle Cards

I ordered two sets of the Urban Crow Oracle Deck because I was wowed by the artwork and the color palette. (Still waiting on the second deck, which is for a friend.) Anyway, I love these vivid cards, which feature … Continue reading

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Policing: A Worldbuilding Exercise

In our everyday world (sometimes called “the real world”) there is a wide-ranging ongoing discussion of the function of “policing.” It’s a hot topic, a difficult one to discuss in any depth of social media because there is so much … Continue reading

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