The Way We Live Now #12: Vaccination Centers

As I write this, Sonoma County is vaccinating first responders, health care workers, and people 75+ years old against Covid 19. The choice to focus on the 75+ comes from a number of factors. One is simply that nearly 25% of the population of Sonoma County are senior citizens (65+); another is that the most fatalities have occurred in the 75+ population. Another issue is that many folks live in multi-generational homes and the elder in the household can become a disease vector.

The county hopes and plans to move into the next phase, 65+ years old, by mid February.

On yesterday’s Covid update, county health staff requested again that people with private insurance and “medical homes,” (what we called “the doctor” when I was a kid) utilize those resources, so that the vaccines the county is administering are available for those with no medical home and little or no insurance.

Speaking of health insurance, California’s Public Health officials announced that Covered California has created a special enrollment period to run through May 15, 2021, effective February 1. Here’s the website. can help you find the closest vaccination center in your area–please note that Sonoma County’s information had not been fully updated as of January 29, 2021. has a lot of info on the county’s response. I thought the vaccination centers were in there. I can’t find them but I’m sure that’s just me.

And finally, let’s talk “nano.” The definition of the prefix “nano” is 1 billionth of something. Colloquially, it’s used to mean “a tiny, tiny, tiny part of” something. There are nano-lipids in two of the Covid vaccines. Lipids are a type of molocule that is not water-soluble.

These are not nanites, which is tech-speak for tiny little machines. I mention this because in any public venue, if you bring up vaccines someone will immediately show up to tell you “there are nanites!”

You won’t be able to prove to their satisfaction that they’re wrong, but you may help out an innocent bystander by providing the definition.

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  1. I am not a crusader against alternative medicines or its practitioners. I am all for things that make us feel better and that don t hurt us. But I do wonder at the paradox of even the most rational of us being drawn to these bottles with pictures of ugly tubers and weedlike plants on them. Why do we become dreamy-eyed hearing the songs of the New Age pied pipers whose melodies interweave quantum physics and the workings of the colon in beautiful but completely fictional ways? Like revivalist preachers, they invite our faith, our willingness to search for magic in ancient, undecipherable Oriental practices (as opposed to the new, quite decipherable, Western practices). In return they offer nostrums, tonics, tapes, books, diets, retreats, mantras, votive candles and cruises; they bring color, fragrance and incense to an illness experience that otherwise plays out in black and white.

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