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I’m on a Train! I’m on a Train!

“Ladies and gentlemen, this train will be departing in two minutes, on our way to the Marin County Civic Center.” I know my non-California friends are thinking, “Wow, a commuter train. Walk on the wild side, Marion, take a muni … Continue reading

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The Geographer’s Library; Half Delight, Half Disappointment, and Still I Recommend It

Jon Fasman published The Geographer’s Library in 2005. Fasman now is the editor on the Asian desk at the magazine The Economist. He spent several years in Russia and neighboring countries; when it comes to the east, it’s probably fair … Continue reading

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Protected by Unicorns

This is a silly little story that isn’t very strong. I didn’t spend too much time on it, but I had fun writing it. Brian’s Comics in Petaluma was the inspiration, because of it’s location and unusual floor space. (I’m … Continue reading

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In Which I Get Grammar-Snobby and Reality Immediately Smacks Me

I’m not an expert on English grammar but that doesn’t stop me from being a grammar snob. I cluck and tsk and roll my eyes as I  observe punctuation errors and other grammar errors, not just in the comments section … Continue reading

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Vacation Guide to the Solar System

There is a lot of exciting information out of space these days. We’re finding out all sorts of cool things from outside our star system, but the facts we’re finding about our own solar neighborhood grow more amazing every day. … Continue reading

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Canvassing in Manteca

Saturday started at 5AM for me. Shower, coffee, half a bagel, tote bag, purse, lock the door and out. I met Barbara G at her house around 6:10 and we drove to another house in Santa Rosa, where we carpooled … Continue reading

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BBC America’s Class; Didn’t Do Its Homework

I watched the entire first season of the Doctor Who spinoff Class, all eight episodes. If the show returns, I probably won’t watch it. There was plenty of material of value to start with, but the story squandered most of … Continue reading

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Mockingbird Books Moves Away

For the last five years I’ve been slightly involved with a local secondhand book store called Mockingbird Books. I volunteered there the first two years of my retirement. It was like a dream; getting to work in a bookstore. It … Continue reading

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