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COMEUPPANCE Gets a Thumbs-Up Regional Review

Washington state’s Cascadia Daily News included Comeuppance Served Cold in a roundup of new paperbacks set in their home state. I’m in some intriguing company, and the reviewer clearly enjoyed the book. Here it is.

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Sampler Platter; Writing News

Brandy has generously offered Second Chances as a venue for a book event (not exactly a launch), scheduled for May 14, at 1:30. More details to follow. Check the store’s Facebook page and mine for updates! (Teasers: I may be … Continue reading

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Farewell, East West Cafe

The East West Cafe in Sebastopol has been part of my life for 33 years, and it is closed. A new restaurant called The Lunch Box is moving into that Main Street space in the center of the block. The … Continue reading

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Why I Like Content Warnings

What are content warnings or trigger warnings? They are statements made at the front of a work of prose or a poem, stating topics or language that might be employed in the work. This is to offer readers a choice. … Continue reading

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Wrestling Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome ambushed me recently while I was trying to write an essay for CrimeReads. The syndrome had been dormant for a while, but it took that opportunity to slip up behind me, sink its fangs into my neck and … Continue reading

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