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Super Librarians Strike Again! LumaCon 2017

LumaCon 2017 was held on Saturday, and once again, the Super Librarians of the Sonoma County Library, the Petaluma Library, the Petaluma High School and Casa Grade High School Libraries came together and made this free-admission, family-friendly comic book themed … Continue reading

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Knight of Crowns: The Crowning of the Rich White Kids

After the shock and horror of the Season One finale of The Magicians (Syfy), the Season Two premiere rebounds straight into snarky millennial humor. We thought everyone but Quentin (and Julia) were dead, but after Quentin frantically searches for help, … Continue reading

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Littoral Zone

This is original fiction. You may link to it if you want. If you cite it or quote it, give me credit. Nina was right on Tim’s heels, striding effortlessly through the horsetail reeds. When they parked in the turnout … Continue reading

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Warp by Lev Grossman

In his foreword to Warp, Lev Grossman says that it took him four years to write it, from 1992 through 1996. That seems a little surprising at first, since it is about 180 pages long, but he clearly did not … Continue reading

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Rogue One: Cassian Andor is Really Lando Calrissian (No, not really.)

Long ago (the 1970s/80s) in a place far, far away (Hollywood, CA) a space opera fairy tale named Star Wars was created. The character names clued you in right away that even though they had blasters and space ships and … Continue reading

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Rogue One; It’s a War Movie and it Satisfies

I saw Rogue One with my friends Greg and Mary. We were pretty late to the party but finally we are current (Greg has been enforcing a spoiler-embargo on family and friends which is now lifted). Bearing in mind that … Continue reading

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Ashildr; the Immortal with a TARDIS

(Warning; Spoilers if you have not seen/heard/talked/read about the 2015 Doctor Who season.) There is one other human woman with a TARDIS, and she is immortal, courtesy of the Doctor. Her name is Ashildr, and she entered the Doctor’s storyline … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Coffee Houses

Brandy Mow and I try very hard to get together each Monday for a writing session. When it isn’t raining, we each walk from our homes down to Taylor Maid Coffee in the Barlow, which is one block northeast of … Continue reading

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