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The Five Stages of Editing

One of the prizes that goes with second-place in the novel category is the publication of an excerpt of my work in the Noyo River Review. This week I had the mixed joy of editing my section for publication. Editing … Continue reading

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I Should Get a Lollipop

I finished all three books in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy; Mistborn, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages. I think I should get a lollipop, or a ribbon that says, “I Did It!” I did a quick and dirty … Continue reading

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A Day Out

Linda and I had a day out on Monday. We ended up going to Benicia (I had been there just the day before). We started with a self-guided tour of the art glass studios. Our first stop was at the … Continue reading

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Shining Like a National Guitar

Here is Doug Adamz playing National Steel at The Last Record Store on Saturday, August 16. He is playing from his new CD called… well, you get it. Doug is family friend of my longtime friend Linda Kane who was … Continue reading

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A strange looking car pulled out in front of me on Highway 128, making me brake more sharply than I wanted to. It was white, with black trim, so low it looked kind of flat from the back, a top-down … Continue reading

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Doubletake; Fun Adventure, Just Not For Me [Update: 8/15/14]

[UPDATE: Those of you who already read this; remember my testosterone comments? I stand by those, but I want to note that Rob Thurman is female. I didn’t know that! I guess this proves women can write annoyingly gritty as … Continue reading

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After the Apocalypse: But Seriously…

I wrote about my internet-free experience on the Mendocino coast in a rather light-hearted manner. It was not a problem for me, except that it forced me to confront my a) internet addiction and, b) ability to distract myself from … Continue reading

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After the Apocalypse

My first clue came Sunday afternoon when instead of getting to Facebook, I got a spinning wheel. I checked my little icon in the lower right hand corner of my computer screen, and I had three bars. When I rolled … Continue reading

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Day Three (Saturday)

Besides her smarts and her charming personality, there were several things to like about Pooja Menon, the agent at the conference this year. Pooja is from a west coast agency that actually represents some speculative fiction writers. She is familiar … Continue reading

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Day Two (Friday)

That’s me, at Friday night’s reading by the contest finalists. Linda Goff, who drove up from Santa Rosa and spent the night in Mendocino, came to hear me read and took the picture. (Linda and I meet a couple of … Continue reading

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