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The International Beach Glass Museum

Cass Forrington (Captain Cass Forrington) is the founder of the Sea Glass Museum in Fort Bragg. The museum is called the International Sea Glass Museum. I googled “sea glass museums” and a quick skim showed me a lot of glass … Continue reading

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The Path to the Beach

Just as I got the bottom of the steep trail, almost down to the water, I head a pattering sound above me, like rain on a roof. It was gravel, a trickle of rock tumbling down from the concave cliff … Continue reading

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Both/ And

I saw this drawn on a driftwood log on the beach at the mouth of Big River, in Mendocino, California. I thought it was beautiful and intriguing and I took a picture of it. And then I discovered that I … Continue reading

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The Blue Knife

The blue knife is a Joyce Chen kitchen knife. It has a blue handle, a painted blue blade and a blue sheath of hard plastic. To be honest, it may be a Joyce Chen knock-off. I don’t remember. I bought … Continue reading

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Orphan Black Season Four: A Serious Complaint

I have a complaint to make about BBC America’s innovative science fiction- feminist-clone-conspiracy-mystery-thriller-comedy Orphan Black, Season Four. This is a big complaint, people! So listen up: not enough chocolate mousse in the dish, you guys! Seriously, Season Four has only … Continue reading

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The New Small Camera

My Nikon Coolpix is dying, and I am going a few places this summer (including Kansas City for WorldCon) where I want to take pictures. Hauling my beloved Canon DSLR seems cumbersome and feels a bit like making myself a … Continue reading

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