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Making Chocolate Leaves

Betsy Miller brought aluminum-colored chocolate leaves to the launch party, and Brian Fies said, “Marion, take these to every book event. They are your secret weapon.” Betsy showed me how to make them, and lent me the chocolate mold and … Continue reading

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Frozen Out: it Left Me Cold

Quentin Bates is a British writer who has written a mystery series set in Iceland. Bates lived in Iceland for ten years during the 80s/90s, and he and his wife live there part time now. He has translated several Icelandic … Continue reading

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When Characters Wander Off

I don’t mean in the literary sense, where you the writer, on impulse, let the characters turn down that narrow lane, or jump on the bus to Ithaca, New York even though that’s nowhere in the plot, or even on … Continue reading

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Let’s Do a Writing Exercise

First of all, a quotation: “He rode into our valley in the summer of ’89. I was a kid then, barely topping the backboard of father’s old chuck-wagon. I was on the upper rail of our small corral, soaking in … Continue reading

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Television Tuesday: The Iron Baby

(These shows have been cancelled on FOX, and I watched them On Demand. I think Netflix has cancelled them too.) I’ve now watched Iron Fist, Season One and Marvel’s The Defenders, Season One. there is no escaping Danny Rand, aka … Continue reading

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TV Tuesday: Pandora, on the CW.

Pandora airs on the CW at 8:00 pm Tuesdays. It’s aimed at a younger demographic than the CW’s DC Comics Universe Shows, Roswell, New Mexico, or those tween/millennial remakes of nighttime soaps like Dynasty. I’d guess that Pandora’s target age … Continue reading

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