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Retirement Countdown

It’s shocking how much I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Of course,I had a great vacation, but aren’t they supposed to energize you and make you eager to get back into work surroundings and be productive and whatever? … Continue reading

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David Corbett and the Art of Character

David Corbett opened each of the first two sessions with an Irish joke. He can tell them, because he’s of Irish descent. He ran his class in what I would call a loose Clarion manner. The participants got to speak, … Continue reading

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And Pictures

Here’s the dog that welcomed me into the Marina. From where I took this shot, Liquid Fusion Kayak is directly behind me. Here’s smiling Jeff. Another picture later; and now, the birds and scenery. A colony of acorn woodpeckers lives … Continue reading

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Laundromat Adventures; Because it’s Not a Writers’ Conference Without a Story

My vacation started a few days before the conference, and I decided not to pack quite as much this time, and do laundry while I was there. I assumed the hotel would have a laundry, and they usually do, but … Continue reading

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Liquid Fusion Kayaks

I don’t have an easy way to “shrink” pictures enough so that they’ll load easily, but I hope to add some later. In the meantime, I do want to write about my guided kayak tour. Liquid Fusion Kayaks is located … Continue reading

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Redshirts, by John Scalzi

Comic SF/fantasy novels are difficult things, I think. I enjoy some of Terry Pratchett’s work and some of Simon R Green’s. Neil Gaiman always has humor in his books, but they are not comic novels. Christopher Moore is probably the … Continue reading

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Saturday on the Riverpond; Part I

  The Riverpond: There was a group that had scheduled to ride the swan at the water carnival, but it had room for one more person, so they slipped me on. One passenger was a blue-eyed moppet about three years … Continue reading

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Time to Start Planning

All Hallows’ Read is only three and a half months away. That’s an eon if you’re talking about buying candy — but what if you plan to give away books?  Might be time to start stocking up. As wonderful as … Continue reading

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Mockingbird Used Books — The Door are Open!

Brandy and Mark opened their door to customers yesterday at 10:00. I got there are about 10:15 and they already had one browser besides me. A minute later a woman came in who said she’s been waiting for them to … Continue reading

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Mockingbird Used Books

Mockingbird Used Books in Sebastopol is about to open! Brandy and Mark are planning for a soft opening on Saturday, July 14.   The bookshelves came in. The partners also concluded negotiations with the landlord and got the suite next … Continue reading

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