Time to Start Planning

All Hallows’ Read is only three and a half months away. That’s an eon if you’re talking about buying candy — but what if you plan to give away books?  Might be time to start stocking up.

As wonderful as Mockingbird Used Books is, they don’t have quite enough inventory yet for me to clean out their children’s section. Since I want to do more books this year, and maybe get several copies of the same book, it’s time to think volume.

One choice is Goodwill.  Goodwill has gotten into used books in a big way, and I’m sure they have lots of kids’ books at good prices.  Another option is any Friends of the Library sale that might happen between now and October 31.

Another real possibility for some early readers and picture books is Treehorn, that Valhala of used books, in Santa Rosa.

Where are you buying your All Hallows’ Read books?

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