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The Hugos, 2015, Chapter Five: Big Boys Don’t Cry

Trigger warning; this post contains an explicit discussion of sadomasochism and sexual exploitation. Spoiler alert; I’m going to discuss the plot in detail. Whining alert; I made an offhanded comment about this story needing its own post. Scores of you … Continue reading

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$3.4 Million Deal for Science Fiction Writer

Here’s the link to the article about John Scalzi’s deal with Tor. Yaay, him. Scalzi linked to it on his blog and followed up with a “Q&A” style column about the details. (13 books, 3 of which will be YA). … Continue reading

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Word Horde at Petaluma Copperfield’s Books

Copperfield’s in Petaluma recently devoted an evening to Word Horde, an independent publisher (in Petaluma) and its new release, Giallo Fantastique. This anthology follows a style of decadent, paranormal crime fiction popularized in the late 1890s and early in the … Continue reading

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The Hugos, 2015: Chapter Four, What Were They Thinking?

To my mind, nowhere is the problem of the bloc-voting and the slate concept better demonstrated than in the Novella Category. Here is the short-list: Flow by Arlen Andrews Sr. (Analog) Big Boys Don’t Cry by Tom Kratman (Castalia House … Continue reading

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The Hugos, 2015, Chapter Three: Lost Treasures of the Battle

Annie Bellet is one of the writers nominated for a Hugo in 2015. Her story “Goodnight Stars” was nominated on the group slate. Ms Bellet managed to be on the Sad Puppies Slate and also on the Rapid Puppies (the … Continue reading

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