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2018: 13 Things I’m Thankful For (Now with 2 bonus things!)

I’m thankful for doctors. Much of this year has been devoted to improving my health. There wasn’t anything seriously wrong except my blood pressure. I was not taking care of it on my own. It is much better now and … Continue reading

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Rhys Bowen; The Her Royal Spyness series

Rhys Bowen has at least two series going; the Molly Murphy series, mysteries set at the turn of the 20th century in New York, and Her Royal Spyness, set in Britain in the 1930s. I’ve now read two from Her … Continue reading

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Talking Politics; Thoughts for a City Council Candidate

There were three open seats on my home town’s city council and four candidates. Three were incumbents and one was twenty-two years old. (Of the other three, two are in their sixties and one in their fifties, I believe.) The … Continue reading

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Medusa Dismantled

It started with a mistake; mine. I was looking for Day of the Dead things to do this weekend and I thought I found an event and a procession from the Petaluma Art Center to the fairgrounds. I invited Linda, … Continue reading

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