2018: 13 Things I’m Thankful For (Now with 2 bonus things!)

  1. I’m thankful for doctors. Much of this year has been devoted to improving my health. There wasn’t anything seriously wrong except my blood pressure. I was not taking care of it on my own. It is much better now and I’m doing things that will improve it further and maybe, the future, lead to a time where I won’t need medication any longer. The doctor helped, really helped, with that.

2. I’m thankful for health insurance. See #1 above. My health insurance is incredible expensive, and I’m one of those few people who is wealthy enough to afford it… and I’m grateful for it all the time. It doesn’t mean the system we have is good or right, and that prioritizing the profits of insurance corporations, pharma corporations and others over the health of our citizens is rights, but I’m thankful for what I have.

3. I’m thankful for my circle of writing friends which is robust ever-growing. Whether it’s Marta Randall’s group, the Benicia Crew, the group from Atlas Coffee, Brandy and our weekly writing dates, or online writing friends like the coven of Lauras, Garrett, Susan, Kate, or the growing circle of writers from the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference, they are all bright, helpful and wonderful. I love their input and I love to read their work.

4. I’m thankful for the farmers market. Eating more vegetables goes with maintaining my health, and I love that I can talk to the very person who grew the tomatoes, the broccoli, the chard, the cheddar cauliflower or the carrots. I’m thankful that one of the best farmers markets in the county is walking distance from my house.

5. I’m thankful for Jodie Whittaker as she makes the role of the 13th Doctor on Doctor Who her own. She’s sincere, she’s weird, she’s funny, so completely the Doctor, and yet so uniquely herself. And I love the ensemble that supports her.

6. I’m thankful for PBS’s News Hour. The rest of the day, the other news outlets are engaged in a frantic dance of chaos with the demolition derby MC that is our current president. In contrast, the News Hour maintains professionalism and does research. As always, they limit the number of stories they cover, so they can do into more depth… and they take a global view. They are an hour of sanity in a news cycle of madness.

7. I’m thankful for Second Chances Used Books. I’m so glad to have a used bookstore in town again! I’m grateful that Brandy trusts me now and then to work in the store; to talk to people who like books, to browse the shelves and introduce myself to writers I need to re-read, or, like Willa Cather, had never read at all before.

8. I’m grateful for our county parks. Our parks took a hit during last year’s fires, but they are rebounding. Our regional parks are places of community, of beauty and tranquility (unless you’re right next to the sports fields — then not so much tranquility).

9. I’m thankful, so thankful, for California’s first responders.

10. I’m thankful for Spouse.

11.I’m thankful for the internet, which helps me stay connected to people far away, and learn about distant events. I also hate the internet. What? I’m complicated.

12.I’m thankful for our local library now open on Mondays!

13.I’m thankful for dogs, squirrels, ravens, crows, woodpeckers, sparrows, chickadees, hawks, for curious otters and curious cats, for all the life around us.

And two bonus things:

14.I’m thankful for KDFC, which provides classical music and a good education about classical music by smart, knowledgeable radio hosts whose voices are welcoming and pleasant.

15.I’m thankful for Fantasyliterature.com, for all the opportunities the sites gives me, for the great fellow reviewers, and the wonderful books.

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