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Vagrant Queen: Oh, Dear

I’d been waited for Syfy’s Vagrant Queen, and frankly, the past two weeks I was waiting with higher and higher anticipation. Part of the crushing disappointment I feel may be an artifact of poorly managed expectations. I thought I knew … Continue reading

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Rough Draft Complete!

I finished the rough draft of the sequel to Aluminum Leaves yesterday. It is a rough draft, but not that rough. Maybe it’s closer to a first draft. How about a 0.5 draft? It’s called Copper Road and I’m pleased … Continue reading

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The Portolan Project

One of the little joys of attending a convention is that I always learn something brand new to me. This year at FOGCon, on the Archive panel, I learned about Portolan maps. First drawn in the 13th century, portolan maps … Continue reading

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First Impressions

The across-the-street neighbor before this one sometimes worked in Mendocino County, on the house of a couple who owned a winery. He did finish carpentry for them. On the property was a large barn that housed three barn cats. During … Continue reading

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The Food Service Conundrum

Obviously, I had a good time at FOGCon. Before I plunge into this post, I want to say again that the Walnut Creek Marriott is an excellent host to this event. I love the Marriott. One thing in particular that … Continue reading

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The Longer FOGCon Post (With Photos!)

I think I went to as many readings this year as panels at this year’s FOGCon. That suited me fine. Readings at FOGCon are uniformly wonderful and 2020 was no exception. The first one I went to featured Daniel Marcus, … Continue reading

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A Taste of FOGCon

Later this week I will put up a longer post on last weekend’s FOGCon 10. This intimate convention, held in Walnut Creek, is still my favorite. They bring in great guests, have interesting programming, and keep attendance small enough that … Continue reading

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