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Book Two is On Its Way

Yesterday, June 12, I sent off Copper Road, the sequel to “Aluminum Leaves” to my publisher. Here’s a snippet to send it out on: Aideen had visited smoke rifts and emberbeds since she’d been a child. She knew about their … Continue reading

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Debbie Downer and the Dystopian Library Scenario

I’m coming at this article with an emotional reaction that is out of proportion to the actual text, and I’m reacting to context, because this column ran in Publishers Weekly. I’ve read the article twice now, and I’m still twitching … Continue reading

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Motherland: Fort Salem. Kind of like a deflating party balloon.

Sometimes people have idea that must, in the moment, sound brilliant but just doesn’t work out. Like, “Cats, the Musical, with big-name non-musical actors and CGI!” or “Sweet potato pie, but with bone marrow!” This seems to be the case … Continue reading

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Rough Draft Complete!

I finished the rough draft of the sequel to Aluminum Leaves yesterday. It is a rough draft, but not that rough. Maybe it’s closer to a first draft. How about a 0.5 draft? It’s called Copper Road and I’m pleased … Continue reading

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The Food Service Conundrum

Obviously, I had a good time at FOGCon. Before I plunge into this post, I want to say again that the Walnut Creek Marriott is an excellent host to this event. I love the Marriott. One thing in particular that … Continue reading

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Ridership Up

My youthful,cheerful Lyft driver lives in Sebastopol, and is a Bernie supporter, although he’s nice about it. I swore an oath before I left the house that I was going to request the day be an oasis from politics; my … Continue reading

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The Vacant Spots on Main Street

To my dismay, the wonderful kitchen and home furnishing store on North Main Street, Cultivate Home, is closing. The reason is sad; not finances, but the health of the owner. I went in on Thursday and already, with the discounts, … Continue reading

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40 Copies

It’s a good thing my first actual published book is skinny, so I can fit 40 copies on one shelf. I plan for some of these to move into the world. First of all, thanks to the wonderful SF bookstore, … Continue reading

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How Do Characters Come to Life?

I always say that my stories start with a character and a question, and that’s true. I always have an imaginary person in mind when I start. Often I feel like I know them very well. Sometimes it takes the … Continue reading

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Reading the Field

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend who is a developing writer who plans to write science fiction. We started talking about who they had read, and it emerged that they haven’t read the field recently. … Continue reading

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