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Kickstarter! Or, an Exercise in Self-Promotion

I had a short story called “Bellwethers Know Best” accepted for the anthology The Wand That Rocks the Cradle. The theme, as you might have intuited, is “families and magic.” LeGrange Press has a Kickstarter to raise the final bit … Continue reading

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Story Walk

These brightly colored pedestals are my tax dollars at work, and I’m proud and happy that my money’s being spent this way. This is the Story Walk that curves around the High Street entrance of the Sebastopol Library now. The … Continue reading

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Dispatch from the Village

That’s the Barlow on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Those metal spans you see in the water and at the edge of the water on the left are flood doors, meant to act like sandbags and hold the water out of … Continue reading

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The Samurai of Fountaingrove

The most noble character in the history of Sonoma County’s Fountaingrove commune is Kanaye Nagasawa, the samurai who came to the USA from Japan as a youth and stayed to run the Fountaingrove vineyards and winery. While not as flamboyant … Continue reading

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It’s 2019 and I Have a Mission

My mission for 2019 is to bring excellent stories into the world. Some might be wondering, “Why is that a mission? Why not a resolution or a goal for the year, like everybody else does?” This is a “mission” in … Continue reading

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The Not-the-Julia-Child-Kitchen; Japanese Eggplant

The Japanese eggplant caught my eye because they were beautiful, so I bought some. I thought they’d make a nice saute to go with the salmon that night, and I was right. Eggplant is a chewy vegetable with a subtle … Continue reading

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Like a Midnight Hike

I’m looking at a small press contract, thirteen pages long. It’s a standard contract for the industry, but I have a few questions. It’s for a piece of fiction I haven’t finished yet. I was offered the contract based on … Continue reading

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Television Tuesday; Falling Water, Season Two

Welcome to Television Tuesday; the Wednesday edition. I got behind on blogging this week. * Falling Water returned for a second season, airing Saturdays at 10:00 pm on USA. It’s also available On Demand. I was pleasantly surprised the show … Continue reading

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After the Flames

The fires are nearly 100% contained in Northern California. That doesn’t mean they are out, although they are nearly out. We got a little bit of rain last week and that helped. During the time of the fire disaster, 100,000 … Continue reading

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Rejection, Part Two: Rage in Private

Now you’ve just survived a discouraging rejection, and you want to vent. Of course you do, and of course you should. You have writing friends who understand that providing support is part of the process. To them, you can say … Continue reading

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