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The Trickster Gods Convention; 2017 in Review

It’s customary… at least I guess it’s customary… well, some people take the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve to review and reflect on the year that nearly past, and plan for the one that’s coming up. Oi. … Continue reading

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2017: The Books We Got for Christmas

Here’s my report on Christmas, 2017, and the books we got. Spouse: Two Kinds of Truth, the latest Michael Connelly mystery. This is a Harry Bosch book, not a Mickey Haller, so I think it’ll satisfy. Since We Fell, by … Continue reading

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The Final Four: American Gods ReWatch, Season One

I finished watching all of Season One, and I find I have more quibbles with the final four episodes on a second viewing. I still enjoy the show; I am eager for Season Two, especially since Fuller and Green tried … Continue reading

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Second Chances Used Books: The Soft Launch

[Second Chances Used Books will be open seven days a week; Monday-Saturday 10:30-6:00, Sunday, 10:30-5:00.] *** I did not buy the first book at Second Chances books.  Emma, Brandy’s friend and a former Copperfield’s employee, said on Friday that she … Continue reading

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Mrs. Dalloway at the Gift Wrapping Station

I volunteered for two shifts, on different days, at the library’s gift-wrapping station. Their slogan, “Buy local, wrap local.” Bring your gifts to the library and we will wrap them for you, or help you wrap them if you prefer. … Continue reading

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American Gods, the Rewatch

I started re-watching American Gods (Starz). It’s probably too early and I may need to re-watched it again (three-watch it?) because Season Two will probably debut in April, 2018. So far I’m up to Episode 4, “Git Gone”, better known … Continue reading

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Fiction: Counting the Ripples

[This is original fiction by Marion Deeds. If you want to link to it, fine. If you quote it, give me credit.] “I can’t talk to you right now,” Shillaylee said as the volunteer brought Heather into the empty garage. … Continue reading

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Cat Person; Damn Fine Fiction, or Fat Shaming? I Don’t Know

The New Yorker has a short story called “Cat Person,” written by Kristen Roupenian. Margot, a college sophomore, meets Robert at the cinema where she works at the concession stand. They get off to a bad start, but later they … Continue reading

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Opening December 16; Second Chances Used Books

Update: Sometimes a typo takes on meaning. I wrongly titled this “Second Changes,” originally. While I like that, it’s not the name of the store. Brandy is opening a used bookstore in the location of the old Mockingbird Books. Brandy … Continue reading

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The Rule of Five, The Rule of Four

My doctor and I recently discovered that I had very high blood pressure. That’s putting it politely. To put it accurately, my blood pressure was in “holy shit” territory. PSAs and ad campaigns talk about hypertension as “the silent killer” … Continue reading

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