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Baal, by Robert McCammon

My review of Subterranean Press’s reprint of Baal, Robert McCammon’s first horror novel, is up on fanlit.

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Nanowrimo 2011

Well, they aren’t great words, they aren’t deep words, they aren’t insightful words necessarily; they aren’t exciting words, they aren’t action words, they aren’t magic words; but there are 50,000 of them. Is the book done? No. It will probably … Continue reading

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Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper

My review of Robert Bloch’s reprint anthology from Subterranean Press is up at fanlit.

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Thirteen Things I’m Thankful For

1–I’m thankful for my wonderful spouse, my step-family and my friends. You keep me honest, you keep me sane and you make the world a fairer place. 2–I’m thankful for glorious autumn sunrises. 3–I’m thankful for Goodwill. This week I … Continue reading

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Black Friday, Radio Shack Style

  The sign says, “This privately, LOCALLY OWNED store will be open during our regular business hours on 11/25 and cannot support the below-cost giveaways advertized by Corp Radio Shack. However, we will have our own bargains!” It’s nice to see Main … Continue reading

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Worst Motto Ever?

The Hilton’s motto is, “Travel Should Take You Places.” My colleague Nick commented yesterday that, as mottos go, this is a pretty stupid one. As a statement of fact, it’s pretty right-on. defines “travel” as a verb meaning “to … Continue reading

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Twilight Dimming

As a review or a critique or anything, this is completely unfair, because: 1)      I haven’t read the book(s); and 2)      I’m not going to; and 3)      I haven’t seen the movie all the way through; and 4)      I’m not … Continue reading

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Day at the Museum

The Schulz Museum is one of Sonoma County’s hidden gems. It’s tucked away in a quiet, rather low-income neighborhood near a dying shopping mall on the west side of Santa Rosa. After our write-in on Veterans Day, Lillian and I … Continue reading

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The Burning Soul

My review of John Connolly’s The Burning Soul is up at Fanlit. Some pretty prose (mine, not his) and some awesome prose (his, not mine).

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My review of Jay Lake’s fantasy novel Endurance is up at fanlit. I think I was rather harsh, but I do not think that Lake accomplished his goals here.

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