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Morning at the Lake (A Writing Exercise)

(This is original fiction by me. It’s okay it you want to link to it. If you quote it, give me credit for it and cite this post.) This is my version of the Contentless Dialogue exercise. I didn’t include … Continue reading

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“Contentless Dialogue;” A Writing Exercise by Daryl Gregory

“Contentless Dialogue” is a challenging and eye-opening writing exercise that writer Daryl Gregory gave us at his one-day writing workshop last Saturday. The workshop was sponsored by Locus Science Fiction Foundation (and magazine) and held at their editorial offices. It … Continue reading

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Make a Scene, by Jordan E. Rosenfeld

Writer friend Terry Connolly introduced me to Jordan E. Rosenfeld at this year’s MCWC. Rosenfeld has a craft book called Make a Scene; Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time. “Scene” as a narrative choice had been a … Continue reading

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Kansas City; In Which We Go for Barbecue

We went for barbecue! We were in Kansas City, Missouri, so we had to. Kat and her husband Rob, Kelly and Kip, Kate and I went. Bill is a vegetarian and it just didn’t seem like it was going to … Continue reading

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The Aladdin Hotel

The Aladdin Hotel was built in 1926. At the time, it was probably huge (sixteen stories, I think they said), and luxurious. It is still luxurious, but now blades and cylinders of glass and steel tower over it. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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