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The 2018 Annual Post-Christmas Art Stroll

Most of this year’s walking around Santa Rosa’s art-colony neighborhood South A Street was done by Lillian and me. Kathleen joined us for our usual brunch at the Spinster Sisters, but needed to leave after that. We missed her! While … Continue reading

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The Books We Got For Christmas; 2018

Except for a couple of restaurant gift cards, Spouse and I got each other books for Christmas. That works great for me and if it doesn’t work for him, he isn’t saying. Here is the “master shot” of the books … Continue reading

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Light in Winter: The Gifts of the Kings

“Dark is the hour, long the night.” –Walter de la Mare, Christmas Eve In the northern hemisphere, Winter solstice is the longest night of the year. In northern and middle Europe, it is a time of dark and cold. “Solstice” … Continue reading

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Around Town; Shuttle 24

Sebastopol is a great town for walking and cycling. The Joe Rodota Trail comes in from the east, stopping just southeast of the post office, and picks up again north of town on High School Road. A dedicated walker/cyclist can … Continue reading

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The Way the Landscape Changes

A Finnish man used to come into the store, about once a week, usually Tuesdays. His English was so faintly accented that I didn’t know he’d been born in Finland until he told me. He was a burly giant, somewhere … Continue reading

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What Makes a Classic: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

For me, one test of a classic is whether  a reading of it through any lens will reward with insights. By that measure Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park is a classic. You can view it as a study in socioeconomic class; … Continue reading

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