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Briarpatch From Page to Screen

Ross Thomas published his southwestern detective novel Briarpatch in 1984. His protagonist, Benjamin “Pickle” Dill (kids stopped calling him “Pickle” in the 4th grade after he beat up a bunch of them) returns to his New Mexico hometown to investigate … Continue reading

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Epix’s Pennyworth is Overpriced

Spouse and I watched some free shows from the premium cable channels during Watchathon. One series we watched was Epix’s fantasy Pennyworth. I didn’t know the show was based on a DC comic book set in an alternate Britain. I … Continue reading

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I’m re-watching Grimm, the old NBC urban fantasy series set in Portland, Oregon. It ran for six seasons, from 2011 through 2017. I’ve re-watched a few seasons before, but I can’t remember when I watched it straight through from start … Continue reading

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Killing Eve, Season Three

BBC’s weird, wonderful cat-and-mouse thriller-romance-comedy Killing Eve is back for Season Three. Every season I wonder how they are going to keep this over-the-top series going and every season they manage. When you talk about Killing Eve, you have to … Continue reading

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Motherland: Fort Salem. Kind of like a deflating party balloon.

Sometimes people have idea that must, in the moment, sound brilliant but just doesn’t work out. Like, “Cats, the Musical, with big-name non-musical actors and CGI!” or “Sweet potato pie, but with bone marrow!” This seems to be the case … Continue reading

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Vagrant Queen: Oh, Dear

I’d been waited for Syfy’s Vagrant Queen, and frankly, the past two weeks I was waiting with higher and higher anticipation. Part of the crushing disappointment I feel may be an artifact of poorly managed expectations. I thought I knew … Continue reading

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My Personal Sanditon Fanfic

I called this “Sanditon Fanfic” but, of course, any telling of Sanditon that goes beyond Jane Austen’s original 60-page fragment is fanfiction. The BBC/PBS disappointing eight-episode adaptation is no exception. I guess I want to imagine fanfic of the adaptation … Continue reading

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Dublin Murders: Lose the Damn Wolf

Dublin Murders, the latest adaptation from Starz, disappoints. It’s based on two Tana French novels, In the Woods and The Likeness. The premise is that two deeply troubled Dublin Garda cops, both outsiders, are partnered and solve murders, only see … Continue reading

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Batwoman: Great Cheekbones Might Not Be Enough

Let me start by saying, I love Batman and most of Batman’s sidekicks. I like Batman better than Superman, partly because he is a regular human guy, and partly because at heart he is a traumatized child and most of … Continue reading

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Television Tuesday: Country Music

Ken Burns turned his detail-oriented documentarian’s eye to American music for his latest PBS documentary, Country Music. The show runs four sixteen hours, in eight two-hour segments airing on KQED Sunday nights. Burns start before the turn of the 20th … Continue reading

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