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Arrow: the Mayoral Campaigns

I started binge-watching Arrow a few weeks back, thinking it would be escapist relief from election season. Surely benighted, beleaguered Starling City (later Star City) would make my world look better in comparison? Sadly, it did not. In spite of … Continue reading

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Iceland; Fun Facts

Our Gray Line tour guide asked us to call him G, because his full name was difficult for tourists to pronounce. On our ride back to Reykjavik, he shared a few fun facts about this northern island nation. –Historically, Iceland … Continue reading

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The Efren Question

The Fifth District County Supervisor is named Efren Carrillo. Efren turned 31 this year. His parents came here from Mexico before he was born; he grew up in Santa Rosa. The Fifth is my district and I have voted for … Continue reading

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BP Could Do This Tomorrow

Here’s a little something BP could do right now, a tiny gesture to make us feel better about the devastation they are wreaking in the Gulf of Mexico.  Without squabbling, without quibbling, without calling in the lawyers, they could show … Continue reading

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Bank Reform Bingo Update!

If you are playing Bank Reform Bingo, we can already mark  the “Exempt some institutions” square!  Thanks to Thinkprogress.org.

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Bank Reform Bingo

Here’s a new game we can all play!  Whitehouse.gov has a blog posting with the 10 changes to Wall Street Reform that the lobbyists want.  Let’s take them, and their key phrases, and create bingo cards.  Then as we’re watching … Continue reading

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Medicare and Health Insurance Reform

This link has good information about the changes the new health insurance reform bill.  If you’re sixty-five or you know someone who is and is worried or has questions, this is a good starting point. Linda Bergthold.

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Facebook’s New Senator Angers Citizens

Facebook, USA —The state of Facebook reacted angrily this week when its newly elected senator GOP Senator Scott Brown voted against party lines and supported a Dem-sponsored tiny little jobs bill.  Facebook’s other senator, a pickle that has more fans … Continue reading

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Brian the Mudflats Mascot

Say hello to Brian, the Mudflats mascot moose. The Mudflats is the first blog I ever read, really went to and read. AK Muckraker, the creator of The Mudflats, is a good writer and a tireless researcher, with a strong … Continue reading

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200th Post

This is my 200th post. I’m posting it on Winter Solstice, 2009, which seems appropriate. I looked back at my very first post in March, 2008. I said I might blog about books, movies, trips and experiences, random thoughts, and … Continue reading

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