Facebook’s New Senator Angers Citizens

Facebook, USA —The state of Facebook reacted angrily this week when its newly elected senator GOP Senator Scott Brown voted against party lines and supported a Dem-sponsored tiny little jobs bill. 

Facebook’s other senator, a pickle that has more fans than Nickleback, was not available for comment.

Republican Scott’s election had taken Facebook-watchers by surprise since in the 2008 elections, the social networking state had gone blue.

Facebook citizens launched complaints against Brown, many of the “I will un-fan you, sir, indeed I will!” variety.  One person taunted, “Hey, Scott, did you get your 30 pieces of gold?” Thirty pieces of gold is the biblical price of betrayal, adjusted for inflation.

 Many of the angry comments posted did center around money, such as, “I spent good money to have you elected!”

Supporters of Senator Brown worry that his action, and the ensuing backlash, will reduce the value of the autographed 8 X 10” glossy photos of the Senator’s nude Cosmo centerfold from 1982.  “We’ve got hundreds of those things,” said someone who wished to be kept anonymous, “We can’t give ‘em away!”

One poster reported that “Massachusetts, you’ve been Barracked!”  “Barrack” is a term used to describe military-style dormitories.  When contacted for comment, Massachusetts said, “Sure, we’d love some barracks.  That’d be wicked cool. Or repairs to the interstate, or some of our bridges.  Even a couple of Pizza Huts.  We’ve got 10% unemployment over here; a job’s a job, y’know?”

It is unclear why Brown, who is Facebook’s senator, would risk the ire of voters by supporting a bill that would help Massachusetts.

Reactions were not uniform throughout the state. Over 1500 Facebookers responded stating they “Liked” Senator Brown’s actions. 

BREAKING NEWS: Disgruntled Facebook activists have formed a third-party movement called This Potato Can Get More Votes Than Senator Brown Naked.

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5 Responses to Facebook’s New Senator Angers Citizens

  1. Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.

  2. Marion says:


    They were kind of spooky. I didn’t make up any of the Facebook quotes; those were genuine. (The quote from the state of Mass is fictional). I also notice that Buy Generic Cialis enjoyed the post too. I’m so glad.

  3. Terry says:

    That was very funny and very chilling both, Marion. I particularly liked the reference to the “Biblical” 30 pieces of gold.

  4. Marion says:

    The “30 pieces of gold” comment is really the most interesting. Was it meant as wit, or does the person really not know?

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