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And Now For Something Completely Different

The Onion exposes what we all secretly fear; the risk gay marriage poses for “opposite marriage.” Wear something nice.

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Roasting Arizona

Navajo, Hopi and Apache tribal police in Arizona staged a pre-dawn raid today and arrested nearly half of the population of Tucson.  The action came after the tribes agreed to abide by the state’s new immigration law, Senate Bill 1070, … Continue reading

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Facebook’s New Senator Angers Citizens

Facebook, USA —The state of Facebook reacted angrily this week when its newly elected senator GOP Senator Scott Brown voted against party lines and supported a Dem-sponsored tiny little jobs bill.  Facebook’s other senator, a pickle that has more fans … Continue reading

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Attack of the Liberal Sock Puppets

            Of course it would have to be liberal sock puppets on the attack.  Republican sock puppets would just hire mercenaries.              (I can’t take credit for that title, much as I would love to.  Some conservative pundit used it … Continue reading

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