Random Images from Bridgeport

The view west from Bridgeport, cliffs, pasture, wooden fence post in foreground
One block behind the hotel, facing west

Most of the land around Bridgeport seems to be cattle ranches, and lots of the plain, with sagebrush, rabbit brush and dried grass, was pastureland.

Frozen water drops on blades of grass in the lawn.
When we arrived in Bridgeport, it was about 76 degrees. During the night it dropped to freezing. Water droplets frozen on the lawn’s blades of grass.

There was a microbrewery next to the hotel (I don’t think we ever saw it open) and a block south, close to the post office, a small shop called Sierra Strange, that specialized in cryptids–animals so reclusive and secretive nobody’s ever proven their existence even though they make people lots of money on the internet and unscripted TV shows. This mural provides a shout-out to Sierra Strange and its most famous cryptid denizen.

Mural Bigfoot drinking a beer and trout fishing.
Sasquatch/Bigfoot taking a break and enjoying a brew.

I saw no crows on the eastern side of the mountains, only ravens and magpies. For swagger and thievery, magpies ably fill the gap left by their other corvid cousins.

A large magpie, white breast, black head and wings
Not so much an official greeter as a bird looking for food.
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