Things I’m Looking Forward To

The Mendocino Coast Writers Conference starts next week. For the first time since 2019 it will be held in person.

The conference is being diligent. They required the participants to provide our vaccination status, and face coverings will be used whenever we’re inside. Breakfast and lunch are provided outside so masks won’t be required. The conference isn’t requiring a daily test but they recommend it. I plan on testing daily.

As always, I’m looking forward to the usual things at the conference. I’m eager to meet all my workshop-mates and our leader, and discuss our work. I usually don’t attend many of the afternoon sessions but two of them this year look like fun!

Then there are all the conference-adjacent things I love visiting Mendocino for:

Eating out. Yes, I do too much of it, but the village has excellent restaurants, cafes and diners. It’s also when and where I get to catch up with friends.

Walking around. Getting a coffee drink and strolling the village? Check. Walking on the bluff, watching as the fog glides in? Check. Walking in the headlands park? Check. Driving up to Fort Bragg and wandering around there? Check again.

Botanical garden. Photos of flowers, the homestead vegetable garden, the succulents, the fir trees and the ocean. At least two hours of tranquility and wonder.

Browsing the bookstore. Buying a hundred dollars worth of books? Or two hundred? And why not?

Out of This World. Pretending to myself that I’m going to buy a telescope? Absolutely.

Ravens and crows. The photo opportunities are nearly endless.

Aloft Suite at the Alegria Inn. I’m looking forward to checking in with Eric and Elaine and climbing the eleven stairs to the Aloft Suite in Raku House, a suite I’ve started thinking of as “my writing suite.” And already imagining Elaine’s warm fresh scones for breakfast. Yum!

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