And Pictures

Here’s the dog that welcomed me into the Marina. From where I took this shot, Liquid Fusion Kayak is directly behind me.

Here’s smiling Jeff. Another picture later; and now, the birds and scenery.

A colony of acorn woodpeckers lives along the river. They gather and tend acorns, but eat worms for protein and it seems like the acorns are bait as much as food.

Even thought there were small craft advisories outside the harbor, the river was placid and welcoming.

Juvenile night heron. Commenting on its age, not its behavior.

Osprey. This was at the mouth of the harbor. We turned around here and headed back upriver.

There guys were kicking up a fuss and splashing like crazy. I got one picture of them doing that; I couldn’t even recognize them as pelicans. Ten seconds later they look like this.


Blue heron.

Adult night heron. The eyes are incandescent red and the legs are yellow.


And here’s Jeff with our “ride.”

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