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Super Librarians Strike Again! LumaCon 2017

LumaCon 2017 was held on Saturday, and once again, the Super Librarians of the Sonoma County Library, the Petaluma Library, the Petaluma High School and Casa Grade High School Libraries came together and made this free-admission, family-friendly comic book themed … Continue reading

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Stop the Presses! The Third Prester John Book, by Catherynne Valente

I spoke to Catherynne Valente while she signed some books for me at FOGCon, in Walnut Creek, CA, last weekend. With a bit of trepidation, I asked her about the third book in the Prester John series. I say “with … Continue reading

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Do We Need Libraries?

“Don’t get mad,” Spouse said, “but I have a question. Are libraries as important now as they were twenty years ago, with the internet and Amazon and everything? I know we love them, but do we need them?” He asked … Continue reading

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… Until it Reaches Up and Grabs You

Books are machines, in a way, are they not? They are communication devices; televisions, telephones, time-travel machines, letting a person we don’t know and may never know share their thoughts, fears, visions and beliefs with us. Books are diagnostic devices… … Continue reading

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The Books We Got for Christmas– 2011

I got two fantasy books for Christmas; The Bards of the Bone Plain by Patricia McKillip and a slim Charles de Lint book, Medicine Road. Spouse got the book on the Royal Society, Seeing Further, which was edited by Bill … Continue reading

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All Hallows’ Read

Neil Gaiman recommends that we offer trick-or-treaters books as well as candy this year. He also recommends we use Halloween as an opportunity to offer people books. (Well, to be specific, he recommends scary books. I have broadened that to … Continue reading

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Good Books, Bad TV

 I checked into the Breakers Inn on Friday, then I walked up to The Four-Eyed Frog and bought two novels, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, and The Godfather of Kathmandu. After wandering around Gualala photographing the awesome waves, … Continue reading

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RIP, Robert Parker

Robert B Parker, creator of Boston sleuth Spenser, PI Sunny Randall and small-town sheriff Jesse Stone, passed away on 1/18/10.  He was found dead at his desk where he had been writing, which seems like how he would have wanted … Continue reading

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The Streets of Laredo

Here is a link to the very sad story of the closure of the last bookstore in the town of Laredo, Texas. Not the last chain bookstore. Not the last independent bookstore. The only bookstore. I worry about us. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34452179/ns/business-retail/

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Spoiling the Surprise

So, on Saturday the Sig-O and I are going to Gualala for Brian Fies’s book-signing at the Four-Eyed Frog. And tonight, the Sig-O says, “Do you have a copy of Brian’s book?” And I’m all, “Um, yeah,” because I have … Continue reading

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