The Way We Live Now: #11

I walked to the neighborhood deli and back Sunday morning. Even though it’s January, it was about 70 degrees, clear and blue. The crows were squawking merrily, and people were out in their yards, taking advantage of the day.

A woman, masked, stepped out of the 7-11 and held the door for the masked people behind her. She did it by gripping the door, extending her arm to its full length behind her, and standing with her back to the opening. She looked like a greyhound straining at a lead. She was clearly doing this to be courteous and hold the door, while coming as close as possible to social distancing.

It was effective.

I’ve held the door a few times lately, and I try to duck behind the door, so that my exhalations, weakened by the mask, hit wood or glass rather than travel toward the people behind me.

I used to pick up things for people when they dropped them. Now I say, “Can I pick that up for you?” Ninety percent of the time, people say, “No, thank you.”

I don’t hand things to people. I either point, or set something down and back away from it. It’s weird, but it works.

We can still be considerate and helpful. It just takes a little imagination.

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  1. Terry says:

    The pandemic has forced us to reimagine polite behavior. You explained it beautifully.

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