And now, a Brief Update

I completed a second draft of Book Three in the Copper Road series. My writers workshop will take a look at it next month, which will give me about a month to revise again and submit it to my publisher by the deadline.

I’m devoting a month to the editorial letter I have on the Project Which Must Not be Named. Since my pub date for that is “sometime in 2022” I feel pretty good about it right now…

…or I did, until my editor at Falstaff popped up yesterday with proofs for Copper Road. This is my final step in the process. After this, ARCS will be prepared and sometime after that, the book will be available. Yaaay! [Tosses virtual confetti and so on.]

The personal good news here is that the developmental editor I worked with, Erin, was excellent, and caught a lot of the things that proofreaders do, so the volume of proofs is really not awful.

The real story isn’t about me or about the release date for Copper Road getting pushed back. It’s about how a case of Covid sidelined my editor, left her frighteningly ill, and disrupted her family for weeks. It’s about how local and state public health systems are overwhelmed, and about how easily this virus can travel. As of this writing, she seems to be on the mend, but I keep her in my thoughts, because we still don’t know what the long-range effects of this disease are.

Please be careful.

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