Lady Guinevere’s Revenge

Lucy Blue is a fellow Falstaff writer. Since I’m working on a project set in the Jazz Era, I thought a 1920s romance might be fun to check out, and sure enough, she had one. Guinevere’s Revenge is a mystery romance, one introducing Stella Hart, a Hollywood film starlet currently visiting her mother, who recently married a British baronet.

Guinevere’s Revenge is a short book. It’s as much bubbly fun as a glass of champagne. It’s filled with funny characters, from the smart, flirtatious Stella herself, to her loyal step-cousin George, her much-married mother, and a fluffy lapdog, the Guinevere of the title. Guinevere, a Bichon Frise, is as much a character as any of the humans.

At the British country house, Stella’s visit rapidly becomes complicated. The American gangster’s son who is lovesick over her has followed her to Britain. To help Stella out, George pretends they are engaged, and his real fiancee Mavis plays along. All too soon, the weekend party finds the body of a stranger in the wood, and a classic country house murder mystery ensues. The story is filled with clever, smart-alecky maids, bold British gentlemen, and some hilariously dull-witted aristocrats. The mystery is interesting but the romance takes center stage as Stella wrestles with her feelings for George.

There are two murders, but the gore quotient is low. The emphasis is on relationships and clues. Stella is observant, quick-witted, and wisecracking herself.

Guinevere’s Revenge is the first book of a series, and lots of frothy fun. A lovely summer read.

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