Small Plates

Brian Fies once used the term “tapas” for a blog post that contained a number of unrelated topics. I’m stealing the idea. Please enjoy a sample of tidbits today.

We put a helicopter on Mars, and it flies!

I’m reading an enjoyable middle-grade fantasy book this week. It’s called Oddity and it’s by Eli Brown. Clover is the daughter of a country doctor in an early 19th-century America filled with folkloric magic. Clover’s America is not ours. She soon sets off on a quest and in short order has acquired a hat that holds secrets and magical doll that would send the likes of evil-doll Chuckie running for cover. She is befriended by a talking rooster and a medicine-show performer, all on the way to uncover the mystery about her mother, who died in a fire when Clover was an infant.

This morning I went for a short early walk in Ragle Park. I brought my camera. A green heron was fishing for tadpoles in the artificial pond between the soccer fields and the bathrooms.

Green heron wading.
Green heron in flight.
Green heron in flight, wings on downstroke
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