Charging up the Doodads

That title isn’t a metaphor for anything. We’re expecting hard rain and high winds this afternoon/evening. Already, the branches are lashing and the lights have flickered twice. I’m trying to prepare for a power outage. I won’t say ” the inevitable,” but… it’s what I’m thinking.

My phone will be fully charged and this morning, first thing, I charged up one of “power brick”– a long-term battery that will power a phone or a tablet in a crunch.

This laptop is fully charged and so is the Surface Go. I also charged up the Verizon portable router that (theoretically) gives me internet access, but honestly, during the last two outages, I couldn’t get to the internet with it, although I could with my phone.

I also plan to check the pantry. I know we have several cans of soup, so we won’t starve (we can light the stovetop burners with a match)–but I might grind up some coffee. I have my priorities after all.

We have two battery-operated lanterns and dozens of battery tea-lights, which provide a soft, romantic glow to light us while we sit in the dark. more importantly, we each have an attachable book-light.

I think we’ll be okay.

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