350 Gardens: Week Five

I think I’m seeing a design flaw in the garden.  Both the tomatoes and squash are growing great.  Squash get huge leaves and one of the beneficial things they do is provide shade, holding in valuable moisture.  That’s the up-side.  The down-side is that they can shade plants that need a lot of sun, like tomatoes.

Still, it’s a great garden!  Look how lush everything is.

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2 Responses to 350 Gardens: Week Five

  1. Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

    It looks awesome!

    It’s far better than my own garden this year. We had such goofy weather it was either plant in the rain or in the rain forest humidity. So all we have are “volunteers” from last year (even lettuce!) so far.

    That’s a great picture!

  2. Marion says:

    Hi! Nice to hear from someone from the Mudflats. This isn’t my garden. My garden is smaller and more anemic because the yard doesn’t get as much sun. But I am chronicling this garden because our county is doing an initiative encouraging people to grow and eat their own vegetables. This one is just so great I can’t resist taking pictures of it.

    Yeah, we’re definitely in an “El Nino” cycle–long wet winter, short wet spring, humid summer for us anyway!

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