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FOGCon: Writing Between Genres or “You Got Chocolate on my Peanut Butter!”

Panelists:  Madeleine E. Robins; Robyn Bennis; Katharine Kerr; Delia Sherman; Sarah Stegall. The FOGCon panel on Writing Between Genres talked about fictional works that fall between established categories. It’s like the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercial: “You’ve got peanut … Continue reading

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Benicia; the Scavenger Hunt

Last Saturday I went to Benicia, mainly just to window shop and walk around. Before I left I checked my e-mail and discovered that Main Street Benicia was offering an Art Scavenger Hunt. This is, simply, a fun, brilliant idea. … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why the Handcar Regatta Rocks

  8. Shiny things!  Shiny things!  Steampunk is filled with brass, copper, silver, glass, leather, silks, feathers; chrome, bubbling liquids in glowing colors;  gears and rivets and studs and bosses, and . . . oh, my!   7. It’s hard … Continue reading

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Apple Days

My hometown is in the heart of Gravenstein apple country.  Gravensteins are, hands down, the best baking apple.  They enjoyed a long golden age of popularity until the Granny Smith apple, which traveled better, replaced them.  Many of the local … Continue reading

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Steampunk Dreams II

Music!  Lillian and I met at Aroma roasters at a little after 10:30 am, and we saw a group of people, wearing red, carrying musical instruments out in the back parking lot.  We followed our curiosity out there and watched … Continue reading

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Steampunk Dreams

We walked up the railroad tracks to where the handcars were parked.  I said, “Steampunk is fun, but I don’t think the Victorians would have liked it.  They had a low tolerance for anarchy.”  “That’s the point,” Lillian said.  Sonoma … Continue reading

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Clementine, by Cherie Priest; Subterranean Press, 2010 Warning:  May contain spoilers. On the other hand, I’ve also taken liberties. Opening: Medium Shot Cover of Clementine.  In the foreground stands an African American man, holding a Gatling gun in his left … Continue reading

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Jonah Hex

Well, my one burning question is answered.  Jonah Hex is steampunk, sort of.  Jonah has two mini, semi-automatic Gatling guns mounted on his horse’s harness (apparently no cranking required).  The villain, General Turnbull, builds a secret weapon, a “nation killer” … Continue reading

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The Art of the Semi-Colon

When to use one; when to eschew one; questions that have plagued writers and English students since the invention of punctuation.  I direct you to a website, provided courtesy of steampunk writer Cherie Priest, that answers all your questions and some you … Continue reading

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Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven. John Milton, Paradise Lost Boneshaker Cherie Priest SciFi Essential Book, Tor, 2009 Briar Wilkes Blue is a woman of secrets, the widow of one notorious man and the daughter of another. … Continue reading

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