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In 2008, the Church of Latter Day Saints, the Catholic Church and an American Baptist Church (I don’t know which one) descended on California and spent millions of dollars to withhold the right of marriage (and I meant “right,” not “rite;” it isn’t a typo) from adults who love one another, if they happen to be of the same sex. 

They were successful.  Many older voters, some of them ethnic minorities, went out to the polls for the first time in years, and resoundingly voted in Barack Obama.  At the same time, they voted to support discrimination, because their pastors convinced them that somehow marriage was “threatened” if gays could do it too. 

No, I don’t get it either. 

The California supreme court upheld Prop 8, and it is now in the U.S. district court.  The federal judge heard closing arguments yesterday. 

Last night the Sig-O and I went out for Chinese food and we were talking about the case.  He said, “Who cares what the judge decides?  He should just flip a coin.” 

I was outraged.  “What?  How can you say that?” 

“Because–” he swirled his crisp spring roll through the sweet and sour sauce, “–no matter what he decides, it’s going to the Supreme Court.  His decision doesn’t matter either way.” 

Flip a coin. 

He’s right, of course.  

I wonder how U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker feels about that.

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  1. Steven Sharp says:

    Gay and lesbian marriage is yet again legal in The state of california! Rock on! Thank you to everyone who have worked hard to oppose Proposition 8! But be cautious, because this just may not be the end of the issue yet.

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